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Some diets and exercise routines help people lose weight faster, while in others, progress towards an ideal weight number is a long road ahead. Now more than ever, it’s important to find more ways to support your overall physical, mental, and emotional health and well-being. Functional medicine doctors take these factors and use them to tailor a relatively new practice that adopts a different approach and model for managing healthy weight loss. 

At Colorado Medical Solutions, we provide our patients with a detailed and collaborative medical weight loss program that addresses the hidden, root causes of weight gain. Our medical practitioners adopt a holistic approach to find the most effective ways to manage your weight properly. We believe that functional medicine can not only benefit your weight loss gains, but also your mind, body, and spirit. Contact us today to work with our team and kickstart your weight loss journey now! 

What Is A Holistic Approach to Weight Loss?

A holistic approach to weight loss considers many factors that may contribute positively to weight loss. In addition to regular diet and exercise, it also takes into account the spiritual, emotional, and mental components in your body’s ability to manage a healthy weight. 

Lowering stress is one holistic method that has a significant impact on the body’s weight-loss ability including finding ways to relax and de-stress to enter into a zone of peace, calm, and quiet presence. Getting more sleep and turning in early can have great effects on your well-being and metabolism the next day. You can also think about connecting with nature, meeting up with friends, journaling, walking or hiking, meditating, creating art, and other activities. 

Another holistic approach to weight loss is a diet made up of unprocessed, whole food that can enhance and improve your overall health. Holistic foods can be taken as medicine as well, working as a natural healing method to assist in losing weight responsibly. Eating nutrient-rich foods can contribute to a more healthy lifestyle and can offer a protective effect against unhealthy weight gain and other medical conditions. Your stomach health can affect your entire body and the digestive system absorbs nutrients and expels toxins. 

Staying well-hydrated is also helpful in losing weight and can serve many purposes. It can satisfy your fake hunger urges and keeps you hydrated all throughout the day. Try drinking a glass of pure, clean water to clear your head and shoot for a minimum of half of your body weight whenever you start the day. You can also drink lukewarm water to make it easier for your digestive system and avoid any more complications. 

Why Are You Not Losing The Weight Despite All the Effort?

One question that plagues anyone trying to lose weight is why they’re not able to do so, despite all the hard work and effort. Everyone has different weight loss capabilities and different things will work for them. So, there may be different reasons why you may not be leaving the right amount of weight at a time. 

One issue may be that you may not be setting a realistic goal. Goals are very critical to weight loss success and can determine how successful you are. Many people give up once they realize their big goal is too hard to achieve. Instead of planning big goals, make small, realistic, short-term goals that will push you a little bit out of your comfort zone. As soon as you reach one goal, make another one and repeat it over time. 

You should also stop emotional eating. Observe your thoughts and emotions and evaluate what you want to accomplish. This will help in breaking the habitual cycle of eating based on your daily feelings. 

In order to reach your most ideal weight loss goals, it’s crucial that you stay healthy because sustainable weight loss is a natural byproduct of a healthy lifestyle. You’ll feel better about yourself and more lively as a result. Of course, staying healthy is very subjective and can vary from person to person. This is where a holistic approach to weight loss distinguishes itself from other diets. 

How Does A Holistic Approach To Weight Loss Differ From Any Other Diets?

Unlike standard or fad diets (which may only provide short-term results), a holistic approach incorporates things such as lifestyle, supplements, stress reduction, exercise, and nutrition to create a vibrant and sustainable health system for your body. Adopting these holistic approaches may improve the functioning of your organs and kickstart your goal of reaching your desired weight level.  

Above everything else, holistic functional medicine is about long-term sustainable success rather than short-term goals with temporary results. Contact Colorado Medical Solutions today to get started and book a consultation with our team. Work with us now to start losing weight at a sustainable and healthy pace, while we keep in mind your specific condition and symptoms.

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