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Understanding Stem Cell Therapy

understanding stem cells colorado springs

Understanding Stem Cell Therapy

In today’s sedentary lifestyle which a person is living up these days, there is no doubt that different health issues are coming up that too at quite an early stage. Let us talk more in detail about Stem cells and the therapy associated with it which can help you deal with different health issues without any pain.


Know more about stem cells


It is that part of body cells which can easily locate the injuries that your body might have had come across. Such type of cells is capable of transforming itself in cartilage, muscle and any other specialized type of cell. That is why it is said to be quite appealing especially regarding medicine regeneration solutions.

understanding stem cells colorado springs
understanding stem cells colorado springs

Definition of Stem cell therapy


Stem cell therapy also known as cell therapy or stem cell treatment is used for helping the body help naturally. The focus of such type of cell is to make sure information is neutralized, and healing process is accelerated. Thus, it will have the potentiality to work on the cartilage, tissues, bone, tendons, and ligaments to name a few.

For regenerating the body, such type of cell locates the damaged tissue and would then have the potentiality to start with its repairing process. This is a great boost in the since but of course, it is backed with detailed research and stimulation which the body needs for repairing and replacing the tissue that has got damaged over the time span or traumatized due to some incident.

Know the reason to Use Stem Cell Therapy:


Whether you are looking for Stem Cell therapy in CO Springs based clinic or the clinic or any other location, it is important to first understand the purpose of using such therapy. There are some usual circumstances in which sometimes, body fairs to repair it and replace the damaged tissues, tenders and even cartilage with the new ones. The problem becomes more frequent among the adults, and that is when the use of bone marrow concentration or amniotic tissue is made to repair it.


With stem cell therapy, Physician who is specialized in Muscular-Skeletal Care would make sure that replacement or repair of the damaged tissues is done in a right manner. The healthcare expert for this would first examine the medical history, do some clinical examination and ensure that discussion on the stem cell treatment is done in a right manner.

understanding stem cells colorado springs
understanding stem cells colorado springs

Understand the working of Stem Cell Therapy:


Firstly, to get the tissue that contains stem cells, there is a simple process from which a patient has to undergo. It is concentrated on the own bone marrow. The marrow would contain platelets, stem cells and other factors that are responsible for the growth of the tissue. Other than this, a donor is also chosen who can gift his amniotic tissue containing stem cells. This is done to make sure unique properties of the amniotic tissue are well studied.

Once you make the approach and decision after consulting with the Physician specialist, then you will be given local anesthesia, and that particular site of extraction will be numb.


The concentration of the bone marrow or the amniotic tissue grafting will be then administered with the help of an ultrasound-guided injection.


You will be then told to relax and then let the tissue grafting process initiative. It is your physician expert who will have a proper discussion and ensure that rehabilitation program is well discussed if required shortly.

Where Do Adult Stem Cells Come From?


Usually, the adult stem cells are antilogous which means it is harvested from the own body part as a part itself of the stem cell process. It is, of course, undifferentiated cells which are found among the cells that are differentiated within the body. Their prime role is to make sure that tissues are repaired and well repaired once they get maintained. Such type of cells is found in huge concentration in the fat tissue. In small part, you can also find it in the bone marrow. Beyond that, it is also used for harvesting which you can find in skin, blood, muscles or even organs.

where do adult stem cells come from | Regenerative medicine colorado springs
understanding stem cells colorado springs

What are all Conditions that are treated by Stem Cells Therapy in CO Springs based clinics?


There are some of the most common problems which adults face after a particular age span. Talking of which, with stem cells, such problems can easily be dealt upon and ensured that right care is taken.


  • Central back pain is the most common issue which is caused due to the whiplash type injury which results in the damage to the facet joint. Facet joint like any other joints get well treated with the stem cells


  • Then also comes the joint and soft tissue injury which is treated by the stem cell treatment. Such therapy improves the function and ensures that unnecessary pain gets reduced. Patients with chronic osteoarthritis can get a lot of benefits from such type of therapy


  • Stem cell therapy is also used for treating the erectile dysfunctioning. This means the use of patients own stem cell and the growth factor is done to make sure natural male enhancement is done that would help in regenerating the erectile issue and ensure that sexual performance also gets improved.

Advantages of Stem Cell Therapy


Such type of therapy does not have any risk of rejection. Besides, the treatments are minimally invasive in contrast to that of the traditional treatments. Not only this, patients do not have to be ay any medicines post operation. The best part of the entire treatment is it helps the patients avoid the knee surgery such as arthroscopy or knee replacement.

When you approach a good stem cell therapy in a CO Springs based clinic, make sure you choose the center which is the pioneer in offering the best and the most advanced stem cell treatment as an alternative approach to those conventional intervention techniques. It is certainly the best approach to cure painful conditions.


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understanding stem cells colorado springs