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The stem cell treatment: From Restoring Joints To Aiding In Erectile Dysfunction

stem cell therapy in Colorado springs

The stem cell treatment: From Restoring Joints To Aiding In Erectile Dysfunction

Stem cell therapies have been in and out of the headlines many times in the past decades so much. Many people are scared to even think about adopting them because they are not sure where these cells arise from, how are they harvested, and on top of everything, is it safe to undergo stem cell therapy in Colorado springs? But the stem cells employed in functional medicine are not received from a controversial source; they are collected right from the adult patient’s own body. Not only confined to it, but the stem cells utilized in functional medicine are obtained without experiencing any discomfort and are very reliable to use in functional medicine procedures. If you are here to learn more about the compelling way stem cells are used in treating joints and erectile dysfunction, keep reading.

Though it has been approximately 30 years, stem cell treatment is still a comparatively new field of medicine. Due to it and the nature of medical research, there are steadily new discoveries in what stem cells can treat.

Stem cells are already used to manage everything from skin problems to sexual health to degenerative infirmities like diabetes and congestive heart collapsing. But new research on the horizon is now empowering even more trust for some general but serious ailments that stem cell therapy Denver can treat.

What are stem cells?
Stem cells are cells that have added properties beyond their fundamental property. Stem cells can transform into another kind of cell or tissue and cure that tissue. An adipose cell can go from just being an adipose tissue to being injected into the hair follicles to aid in the renewal of hair in patients troubled with hair loss.

Why are stem cells obtained from adipose tissue?
You may have heard a lot about stem cells in the news, appearing from some captivating places, like umbilical cord blood and even the inside of your teeth. But in the case of functional medicine, we harvest the stem cells utilized in your treatment from adipose tissue. Adipose tissue is body fat or tissue that is formed of adipocytes. This loose connective tissue is used by your body to save energy, cushion, and shield the body from cold.

How do you derive stem cells?
With the utilization of Stem cell treatment in functional medicine, adipose tissue is evoked via a cannula, similar to liposuction treatment. It may take about 20 minutes to produce stem cells. During the process, we eliminate approximately 100 cubic centimeters of fat tissue from the abdomen usually. The fat tissue in the stomach is full of stem cells. One stem cell extraction can produce 10-40 million stem cells from merely one cubic centimeter of adipose tissue. The fat cells are then injected into the area expecting treatment via the veins, joints, spinal fluid, subcutaneously, or right into the arteries.

Built stronger joints without any surgery

Approximately one in four grown-ups in the US faces chronic joint pain of some sort. Joints crumble down as we age, or if they are enduring a lot of stress from injury or inactivity.

The good news is that Hormone Clinic in Colorado offers stem cell treatment. It helps to counter joint pain. It utilizes your cells to renew your joints, strengthening them back up and making them elastic and flexible.

How stem cell treatment regenerates your joints?

Each joint in your body carries stem cells. They are in your body’s natural restoration system. When your joints undergo the wear and tear of daily life, stem cells come into action and rebuild your joints. Stem cells do the following things:

  • They deliver proteins that excite cartilage repair.
  • They indicate growth factors and nutrients to repair worn-down joints.
  • They can transform into brand new cartilage or ligament cells and substitute old tissue completely.

Your joints have plenty of stem cells during younger ages to repair daily damage. But as you grow old, stem cell generation diminishes. Due to it, your body begins to struggle to cope up with a repair, especially when your joints get damaged. It is where stem cell therapy comes in.

The stem cell therapy Colorado springs intensify your body’s natural repair system using your cells. We acquire healthy stem cells from elsewhere in your body and introduce them into worn down, troublesome, or injured joints.

How can stem cell treatment counters underlying sexual health?

According to a study targeted on men’s sexual health, one in four men below the age of 40 is now experiencing medication for erectile dysfunction, and a record from the National Institute of Diabetes and Digestive Kidney Diseases predicts that 20 to 25 percent of men above the age of 65 encounters erectile dysfunction.

Many prescription pharmaceuticals tackle erectile dysfunction, but none of these approaches is natural, nor have they recognized anything more than a temporary treatment. Rather than fixing the problem, these medications generate many side effects, such as blurry or blue vision, back pain, nasal congestion, headaches, and dizziness. With all these inherent cautions, men with erectile dysfunction left with the feeling that the treatment is more threatening than the issue.

But there is hope for men with ED. Stem cell treatment merged with low-intensity shockwave therapy has been found to stimulate the growth of new blood vessels in the penis. It can fix symptoms of ED. It can improve erectile size, strength, and sensitivity, too.

Colorado Medical Solution is the best center for sexual health. We take a proactive approach to treat erectile dysfunction by practicing functional medicine Colorado. If you are interested in learning more about treating erectile dysfunction with stem cell therapy, give us a call.

Is opting for stem cell treatment Safe?
Yes! Stem cells obtained from your own body are entirely safe. Stem cells have never been exhibited to produce any conflicting effects, such as teratomas. Though teratomas are not harmful, they are also not an issue with adult tissue, so the risk of receiving this type of tumor with functional medicine Colorado is none.

Why Use Stem Cells over traditional medicine?
You may be wondering why someone would prefer functional or stem cell treatment over traditional medicine, especially if the outcomes are identical. The privilege of using functional medicine over other methods is that it is minimally invasive and without getting the painful side effects that go hand-in-hand with traditional medicine. Imagine being able to recover your body employing its cells without medications that cause nausea, headaches, nerve infirmities, tolerance, or dependence.

If you’d like to learn more about functional medicine and why stem cell therapy is a better, more natural way to treat many common ailments, give us a call at 719-300-6200 or 720-465-1200.