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Jasmine W.

Definitely a great facility and experience! I was shopping around for service and was down to him and another facility. …he was by far the place that gave me the best results over a 3 week span. Unfortunately I relocated for work before I could lock in his services. …but definitely would recommend him to ANYONE.

James S.

Colorado Medical Solutions has been a game changer for me! I have had huge relief in my hips, lower back, and sinuses. Sleeping better than ever and after only a hand full of treatments I was able to sleep for more than 7 hours without waking up. Prior to this I was having lots of issues but now am closer than ever to feeling better all the time again. I would recommend this office to anyone.

Darcy V.

The ABC method is fantastic for overall back and neck care that everyone should know about and follow. Colorado Medical Solutions Center have fantastic staff that work with you in all areas, from scheduling, to pre–treatment, and then finally to the Chiropractors. There were able to treat multiple areas at one time by looking at my entire spine and not specific areas.

Courtney W.

Highly recommend! I had injured my knee on the incline back in May, and I was not able to run even a mile without major knee pain. After doing the rehab and adjustments for a couple months, I was able to run the Turkey Trot (4 miles) without any pain at all!!

Brenda G.

Dr. Jones is the best chiropractor in Colorado Medical Solutions! I started to have back problems after a car accident and ABC has helped me a lot. My posture has improved and I feel amazing!! I sleep better and I have more energy to play with my kids. I also suffer from severe allergies and aligning my spine has helped tremendously, I can breathe better, and I can taste food!!! I highly recommend Dr. Jones. He always takes the time to explain the alignments and he is very flexible with his schedule. He is the best!!!!

Rachael J.

What a great experience so far! How do we get away with not having skeletal/posture checkups but are held to those regular dental visits?! The science alone justifies getting help on one’s spine but Dr. Jones makes said science easy to understand and personal. With different payment options and many friendly faces around to help during the experience, it is clear that these folks truly want to help address the root cause of each person’s discomfort and boost human longevity in the process. Thanks, Dr. Jones. The positive energy you foster at Colorado Medical Solutions & Posture Center is much appreciated.

Nicole D.

I HAD scoliosis- bad, and this reduced it by 33% in just 3 months (3 visits a week)- according to the x-rays. NOTHING else in the medical industry can claim to do this and keep it healed. The relief it gives me is unparalleled to anything else I have tried (physical therapy, osteopathy, other chiropractors, massage, acupuncture). It is because it -actually- fixes the problem by reliable and extremely safe testing each session. I feel like I owe a lot of my life to the work that this company does. While a few of the first moves can look scary, they have -never- hurt and I have ALWAYS felt *instant* relief: a sharp decrease head pressure and I can immediately breath through my nose. Aside from a relief from tension headaches, I notice small, little results surprisingly every day: in little things like running longer, laying down with my shoulder blades naturally touching the floor, playing my instruments easier and longer, walking with my feet straight instead of out, without effort, and no longer needing allergy medicine (I was on the highest prescriptive dose). These may not be related to your symptoms, but they allow me to be engaged and calm all day which has given me my life back, really. Everyone with scoliosis needs to know that there is a cure now. Everyone needs to try this.

Marlee K.

I’ve been seeing Dr. Jones for the past three months and my body feels so much better. The work he does to correct posture leads to improvement of breath. As a runner, getting more oxygen more efficiently is the difference between getting through a long run or not. The method he uses is unique but it takes no time to get used to it. He explains everything thoroughly and makes you feel very comfortable. Go check out the ABC method! You and your body will be happy that you did!


I’ve been to plenty of doctors and chiropractors…I was making appointments to have surgery since my back pain was not getting any better and it was effecting my way of life. All my hope was lost when Colorado Medical Solutions literally fell into my hands and my thought was “what do I have to loose?”. Feeling like my back was going to fall apart, different times of the day had different forms of pain… Dr. Jones went over my x-rays, found my back was not only in bad condition, but even though I had went to plenty of other chiropractors my back had even gotten worse. Discouragement flooded me, but Dr.Jones did not let me worry not even for a single minute. He explained how his clinic works and how much sense his technique made. Starting this path I kept wondering if there would be one moment where my back wouldn’t hurt…four weeks into my treatment plan and I canceled the rest of my doctor appointments; my question was answered- There are not only moments of pain free, there are days where I can say I am not hurting! And all thanks to Dr. Jones and his hard working staff.