Stem cells for hair loss

stem cells for hair loss denver

Stem cells for hair loss

What are stem cells?


These are totipotent cells. Stem cells have a marvelous potential to differentiate into many types of cells in the body. Each divided cell has the potential to remain a stem cell or become any other type of cell with a particular function as per the necessity in any tissue or body part.


What is stem cell therapy?


Stem cell therapy is the use of stem cells to treat any health condition or disease. Bone marrow transplant is a commonly used stem cell therapy. Now stem cell therapies derived from umbilical cord blood are also in use and gradually gaining popularity. Stem cell therapies have been proved to treat a number of conditions.

stem cells for hair loss denver
stem cells for hair loss denver

Can stem cells prevent hair loss?


Hair loss or baldness is a huge problem for everyone. There are numbers of hair transplant or other treatments available to treat hair loss which may have many side effects. Stem cell therapy is an effective hair loss treatment. This is a very adept and non-surgical hair therapy in which your own stem cells are used to enhance hair follicle growth. Progressive loss of stem cells in hair follicles may cause baldness or hair loss. Stem cells are present in the middle of the hair follicle and ensure the constant supply of cells. So it helps in generating hair cells promptly treating baldness or hair loss. Stem cells not only help to avert hair loss but also upgrade the texture and quality of hair. Stem cell therapy is certainly safe and has no side effects.


How is stem cell therapy performed?


The doctor collects hair follicles. These are enlightened and processed in the laboratory to yield more stem cells. After 15 to 20 days doctor implants the hair on the scalp. Stem cells when combined with existing cells they multiply and encourage hair growth process. Stem cells spark the dead hair follicles and convert them into healthy follicles. They stimulate the sluggish hair follicles and allow them to grow again. The number of required sessions depends on the amount and stage of hair loss.








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