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Many men suffer from erectile dysfunction (ED). Some symptoms include lack of libido, difficulty getting aroused and premature ejaculation. There are a lot of quick fixes available, but none of them get to the root of the problem. The cause of ED is damage to the blood vessels serving the genital region. Platelet rich plasma injected into the region offers a long-lasting and natural solution to men’s sexual wellness.

How the P-Shot Works

Platelets contain proteins and growth factors that encourage tissue repair and regeneration. We offer a platelet rich plasma shot for men with ED. This autologous treatment comes from your own body. We remove a small amount of blood from your arm. We centrifuge the sample into plasma and different cell types. We return the platelets to the plasma. The plasma includes growth factors that attract stem cells. The stem cells can turn into any type of cell, such as the smooth muscle cells of blood vessels. The injection of the platelet rich plasma into the genital area improves blood flow, circulation and tissue repair. Numbing medication is applied before the procedure. There is little to no risk of allergic reactions, side effects or complications. You do not need to limit your activity, and the numbness fades in an hour.

Benefits of the P-Shot

When you receive a “p” shot, you can resume all of your usual activities, and no recovery period is required. As soon as you are ready, you can test the treatment’s benefits in the bedroom. Most men notice a gradual improvement in arousal time and duration, as well as a fuller and more dominant erection.

What the Platelet Rich Plasma Helps

The injection of platelet rich plasma helps repair the damaged blood vessels that serve the genitalia. The treatment allows those tissues to heal, resulting in more sensitivity to touch. It helps with achieving an erection, maintaining an erection for a longer period of time and a fuller erection size. Many men notice an improved bedroom performance.

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To learn more about the P-Shot and how your own platelets in plasma can restore your sexual wellness, give us a call at Colorado Medical Solutions today. Our services for a P-Shot are convenient, and the cost is affordable. Begin your journey toward sexual wellness today.

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