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Perimenopausal and menopausal women often experience problems with sexual wellness. A loss of libido, discomfort during intercourse and vaginal dryness are common. The “o” shot uses your own cells to lessens those symptoms and achieve sexual wellness.

What an O-Shot Is

This shot is a treatment used by doctors for repairing damaged tissues throughout the body. It only involves one injection and a blood draw. The process for preparing the platelet rich plasma that goes into the shot is simple. We use a new kit in order to draw a sample of your blood. In our laboratory, we centrifuge the blood in order to separate the cells from the plasma. This process also separates the types of cells. We put the platelets back into the plasma. The combined platelets and plasma form a mixture that is rich in growth factors for stimulating healing and tissue regeneration. The “o” part of the shot makes it a little different because we inject the material into the vagina.

How the O-Shots Work

An O-shot is a quick treatment. There is a little-to-no risk from the injection. The therapy uses cells and plasma from your own body, so there is no risk of an allergy or other type of reaction. Once the platelets and plasma enter your body, they attract stem cells to the area. Those stem cells start a cascade of healing throughout the vaginal canal. The growth factors help with repairing tissue and growing new, healthy tissue. The shot also lessens your risk of future tissue damage in the vagina.

Benefits of the O-Shot for Women’s Wellness

The O-shot lessens inflammation and promotes healing of tissue, resulting in a long-term fix for sexual wellness. After getting the shot, you may notice increased sensitivity and arousal during intercourse. Another benefit is improved self-lubrication. As your vaginal tissues heal, your body’s ability to lubricate itself increases. This results in more comfort and relaxation as well as increased pleasure. Achieving an orgasm is easier with this feeling of comfort, heightened sensitivity and enjoyment. An O-shot helps menopausal women take control over their sexual wellness.

Learn More

We offer consultations about the O-shot, its benefits and how it works so that you can enjoy sexual wellness. For more information about how the O-shot can help you, contact us at Colorado Medical Solutions.