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Feeling out of sync with your body? Want more energy to help you reach your fitness goals? Start with Hormone Replacement Therapy that is customized to your body!

Mood swings can affect everybody at some point in their lives and are often a result of imbalanced hormones in your body. Hormones help control most of your daily bodily functions and serve as an important communication system between your body’s cells. They can stabilize everything from your general mood, immune function, and mental health; when these hormones are out of balance, they can impact your overall mood, leading to more mood swings and anxiety. To replace these hormones in the most natural way possible, bioidentical hormone replacement therapy (BHRT) has been used to help ease individuals’ symptoms and regulate their everyday moods. 

Colorado Medical Solutions provides patients of all ages and lifestyles with affordable BHRT doctors that can help rejuvenate, revitalize, and reinvigorate their daily moods. If you’re starting to not feel like yourself more times than before and are dealing with more mood swings and anxiety, you may benefit greatly from a BHRT treatment session. Contact our professional medical team today to start enhancing your hormone intake and help improve your overall mood. 

What Are Some Signs That You May Be Experiencing Low Hormone Levels?

There are several signs you may experience that can be linked back and connected to low hormones and mood swings frequency. With regards to these factors, hormones such as estrogen and serotonin are often responsible for mood regulation. When you have low levels or imbalance hormone levels, it can throw your system out of control, leading to more mood swings. 

If you experience an increased lack of impulse control, it makes it really difficult to pay attention to your direct emotions. You may not be able to think straight and may be more susceptible to anxiety or panic attacks afterwards. This can further result in additional symptoms like insomnia, hot flashes, short attention spans, and irritability. With BHRT, it is a safe treatment that helps you calm down whenever you’re experiencing a bad mood swing on any day. 

When the body’s hormone levels are balanced and regulated, many patients have reported feeling more relaxed and energetic, avoiding any uneasy or agitated emotions. Mood swings often influence the way you can think and act which is unusual for your own personality. Diet, lifestyle, and stress levels can also play a significant factor in lowering your hormone levels and increasing your mood swings. 

Other symptoms of low hormones may include sleep disruptions, anxiety, depression, decreased motivation, lack of libido, bone loss, and premenstrual syndrome for women. 

BHRT will utilize your body’s natural functions to help regulate your mood swings and make you feel like yourself again.

How Does BHRT Help Regulate Mood Swings?

BHRT makes use of artificial, lab-made hormones derived from plant properties to help regulate your general mood. These hormones are chemically identical to those that the human body produces on a regular basis. Examples of hormones used are estrogen, progesterone, and testosterone among others that are most commonly recreated and used in treatment. Early research and study have shown that the process is generally safe and effective in restoring hormones to their normal levels. 

Different patients may have varying results from BHRT, but it can help improve the mood swings of anyone who undergoes it. The artificial bioidentical hormones go through a vigorous synthesizing and vetting process that helps make sure they have the exact same molecular structure as your body. They’re constructed to be accepted and integrated within your entire bodily system. Healthy hormone chemicals such as norepinephrine, dopamine, and serotonin may further assist in relieving any anxiety, panic attacks, or distressing mood swings you experience. 

Although it may not be the right treatment method for everyone, BHRT can be a good treatment option to consider if you’re suffering from bad mood swings. These treatments may improve your energy levels and help you get some more sleep. 

What Are Some Of The Ways BHRT Treatments Can Be Performed? 

There are many types of BHRT treatment options available for anyone considering the treatment. You should speak with our team before you undergo the procedure, as we will take your personal preferences and concerns into consideration before applying. 

Some common ways bioidentical hormones can be inputted into your body can range from special creams, injections, implanted pellets, patches, pills, and gels. Our medical team will monitor you regularly to evaluate your body’s response to them, adjusting application levels accordingly as it goes. Any form of hormone therapy should start with the lowest recommended dose, before gradually increasing it to gain better results. We’ll also mark the timeline of your treatment because BHRT applications should be kept to the shortest length.  

Get in touch with our team at Colorado Medical Solutions today to speak with us about your mood swings and learn how BHRT treatments may help improve your symptoms. Book an appointment or consultation now to revitalize and energize your overall mood. 

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