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Aging is an inevitable fact of life that affects everyone, but that doesn’t mean you should experience it ungracefully. Modern medicine and advanced technological practices have helped many patients reverse the common signs of aging such as wrinkles or lines on one’s face. These symptoms are often a result of low amounts of estrogen, testosterone, and progesterone among other hormones produced within your body. Thankfully, methods such as bioidentical hormone replacement therapy (BHRT) can help improve the condition of your skin and preserve its outward youthful appearance.

Colorado Medical is a hormone replacement center and medical weight loss service that offers adults a chance to improve their physical and mental well-being. Under our thorough medical supervision, we’ll utilize HRT to boost your body’s collagen levels and control your skin’s fine lines and wrinkles. We take your best interests at heart and will provide the right accommodation to make you feel comfortable.

There are many benefits to considering HRT as a potential treatment option for older patients with low hormones like progesterone.

We are proud to be Miami’s #1 rated bioidentical hormone replacement/optimization therapy clinic – be sure to check out our Google reviews and video testimonials. The Medical Health Institute is able to achieve the results you will see and read about by staying on the cutting edge of hormone optimization technology.

How Long Can You Stay On HRT Treatments?

How long someone stays on HRT treatments comes down to the patient’s choice or a medical practitioner’s decision. In the HRT process, artificial hormones are created from natural plant extracts and sources in a lab, replicating the same biological data as the hormones produced in your body. They can be applied through injections, pills, pellets, patches, creams, and more methods, depending on the patient’s preferences.

Although the short-term benefits of HRT have helped people see improvements in their condition and reverse their aging process, the long-term effects have yet to be seen. Nonetheless, while HRT should not necessarily be a permanent fixture of your life, it’s been shown that they’re a safer alternative to other similar treatments that exist. Some patients have undergone HRT treatments for as much as seven years.

Ultimately, you should stay on HRT only as long as you achieve relief from your aging symptoms. If you’ve stopped and noticed those symptoms return, you can choose to undergo the process again. Otherwise, the choice is yours and we’ll provide recommendations to help you make your decision easier.

One such option in HRT treatment is adding progesterone to your body to help with sagging skin.

How Does Progesterone Help With Sagging Skin?

Progesterone is a special hormone from your body that stimulates the production of collagen which works well in maintaining the plumpness and smoothness of your skin. As you grow older, less collagen is produced in your body and your skin may appear to dry up or wrinkle.

Progesterone works on sagging skin by increasing its elasticity and firmness while maintaining balanced levels of hydration. It produces synthetic progestins that mimic special chemicals in the skin to help prevent blackheads or acne. For women, in particular, progesterone balanced with good estrogen levels can also help keep the body regulated and functioning properly.

Saggy skin and wrinkles are often a result of high stress, anxiety, and lack of sleep. By adding progesterone to your body with HRT treatment, it has been shown to improve your sleep patterns at night. With sufficient rest afterward, you’ll feel more refreshed and may notice that your skin condition has also improved.

Bioidentical hormones like progesterone carry many benefits for adults, but it also has the potential to slow down and reverse visible signs of aging. Here is how that is accomplished.

Can Bioidentical Hormones Reverse The Signs Of Aging?

A strong sign of aging for adults is when they go through the stages of menopause or andropause. The body doesn’t work as well as it once did and your skin may not be as exuberant. HRT can mitigate these symptoms to a less noticeable degree, working well for both men and women. It can help reverse the most common signs of aging, or at the very least, improve it to a good extent. Our staff will be with you every step of the way and help determine the right hormones for you.

Some of the ways HRT is effective are through reported benefits such as stronger libido, better mental clarity, healthier skin, thicker hair growth, and reduced bloating. It may also help improve intangible factors such as anxiety, depression, and overall well-being. HRT essentially works by replacing your body’s lost hormones with synthetic ones, thereby restoring the functionalities that keep your skin looking clear, smooth, and youthful.

Everyone’s experience with HRT is different and we’ll be sure to provide excellent medical supervision throughout the process. Get in touch with our team at Colorado Medical today to learn more about HRT treatments and see if they can help you slow the signs of aging!

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