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Growing older should be the best part of living your life and part of that is a balanced measure of hormones in your body. A healthy dose of hormones can help regulate your sleeping patterns and help you stay energized throughout the day. To maintain a beneficial and optimal lifestyle at any age, your body’s hormones need to be balanced — a measurement that unfortunately can’t be kept naturally because fewer hormones are produced as you age. With hormone replacement therapy and other innovative medical treatments, we’ll help restore your body’s hormone levels to help you be energized and help you get a better night’s rest! 

At Colorado Medical Solutions, we provide Bioidentical Hormone Replacement Therapy (BHRT) that can help improve your daily lifestyle and keep the positive aspects of your life going. We’ll help you age with grace as we strongly believe that entering your advanced years should be the best thing you should experience going forward. 

We’ll go over the main causes of hormonal imbalance, the best time to get your hormones checked, and how BHRT can safely assist in regaining your energy. 

As your premier Anti-Aging clinic in Colorado Springs, Colorado Medical Solutions has been on the cutting edge of it all. Not only are we earning continuing education credits and attending International Peptide Society conferences… Colorado Medical Solutions has continued to study bioidentical hormones and perfect our craft. Our hormone replacement therapy patients have seen amazing results! Furthermore, they continue to do so as we monitor and tweak their HRT programs.”


What Is The Main Cause Of Hormonal Imbalance?

Irregular sleeping patterns and loss of energy are some common signs of hormonal imbalance; this can come as a result of aging, but that shouldn’t stop you from living the active life you’re searching for! 

Hormones are produced in your body’s endocrine glands, where they travel around your bloodstream telling your tissues and organs how to function. They’re in charge of your body’s major processes such as metabolism and reproduction. If there’s a hormonal imbalance, it can disrupt how your body functions. Too many or too few hormones can significantly change your body through the tiniest effects. It’s common for hormones to fluctuate throughout your life, but imbalances are often a result of natural aging. 

Hormonal imbalance can have several different causes that affect each person differently, so medical consultation is recommended before moving forward with treatments like BHRT. They may be caused by medication complications, cancer tumors and treatments, stress, injury or trauma, and other disorders. 

Whatever the causes may be, there are solutions like BHRT available to mitigate the symptoms and improve your overall well-being. 


When Should I Get My Hormones Checked?

A majority of people reaching their mid 30’s to early ’40s will start to feel the effects of the hormonal decline in their bodies. Sometimes, hormonal imbalance can also affect people in their 20’s. If you don’t get your hormone levels checked, it can affect how you conduct your daily lifestyle. For example, improper nutrition and a lack of exercise can significantly worsen your symptoms and increase menopause or andropause in women and men. Moreover, stress can also further accelerate the loss of your body’s natural hormones.

If you decide to speak with a doctor about this condition, be sure to book a physical exam. The reason is that there’s no single medical test that can diagnose a hormonal imbalance, so a few tests should be run first. 

It’s important to note that men and women will experience hormonal imbalances differently from each other. This affects the timing of when to get their hormones checked. For men affected with andropause, the gradual loss of testosterone can result in erectile dysfunction, gynecomastia, and hot flashes among other symptoms. For women dealing with menopause, the loss of estrogen can deliver hair loss, irregular menstrual cycles, and vaginal dryness. Each person is different and will often feel these effects as they grow older. 

That’s where bioidentical hormones through BHRT can assist you to safely regain your energy and vitality, as well as assist in boosting your overall hormone levels. 


How Is BHRT A Safe Way To Regain My Energy?

BHRT can be safely administered by a medical professional through pills, patches, creams, gels, or injections. Hormones such as estrogen, progesterone, and testosterone are often used during these processes and added into the body to improve a person’s energy and sleep patterns. Afterward, you can expect to feel the beneficial effects a few weeks into your treatment or up to six months. Your body will need time to adjust before balancing your hormone levels and results can vary from person to person. 

Some of the positive effects and health changes from undergoing BHRT include reduced anxiety symptoms, lower chances of hot flashes and night sweats, increased energy and well-being, stronger libido and performance, and improved ability to lose weight or gain muscle. 


Embrace getting older with BHRT treatments customized to your body’s needs!

Contact our Colorado Medical Solutions team today to learn more about how BHRT can help you regain your energy. We’ll work with you to create an affordable plan that can improve your daily lifestyle and have you feeling your best self for 2022! 

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