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Are you exploring GLP-1 medications like Ozempic (semaglutide) or Rybelsus (oral semaglutide) and wondering about complementary interventions? Dr. Jones, DC, is an internationally recognized holistic obesity expert who offers personalized semaglutide weight loss programs; he recently shared on his TikTok some of the most effective lifestyle changes you can practice while taking your GLP-1 weight loss medications. 

He shares his insights regarding fasting’s transformative power, its significance for weight maintenance, as well as his dedication to helping individuals maintain lifelong weight maintenance through lifelong weight management strategies. Dr. Jones is your go-to expert in holistic weight management. With an enthusiasm for assisting individuals to take charge of their health and take control, Dr. Jones collaborates with medical practitioners when prescribing medications or peptides when necessary – his ultimate goal is to have a medication-free life while keeping a healthy weight attained through effective lifestyle change.

The Fasting Advantage

Dr. Jones recognizes the vital role that fasting plays in weight loss regardless of any ongoing debate surrounding calories vs hormones for weight management, so let’s walk through his fasting strategy step-by-step:

Intermittent Fasting: Begin intermittent fasting by limiting your eating window to approximately eight hours a day and encouraging mindful eating; this approach promotes mindful consumption while making for an easy transition.

Progression: After several weeks of intermittent fasting, you may want to move onto 20-24 hour fasts. Although this might sound intimidating, Dr. Jones insists it can still be done successfully: perhaps fast from dinner until dinner instead, thus eliminating breakfast entirely!

Understanding Hormones: Dr. Jones suggests that fasting works by aligning itself with our body’s hormonal mechanisms – specifically cortisol levels that spike naturally early each morning, providing energy without needing breakfast as previously believed. This counters conventional wisdom regarding the necessity of breakfast.

Safety First: Fasting can be an extremely powerful tool; however, Dr. Jones emphasizes the need for safety during fasts. If you ever become light-headed or dizzy during fasting sessions, it’s essential that they break immediately; fasting should work comfortably, not push its boundaries dangerously.

The Role of GLP-1 Medications

GLP-1 medications, such as semaglutide-based drugs, have gained increased attention for use in weight management. According to Dr. Jones, they’re particularly useful at curbing appetite and blood sugar levels – making weight loss and maintenance much simpler!

International Coaching Consultation

Dr. Jones offers personalized guidance and coaching consultation services worldwide to those in search of personalized guidance in managing weight. No matter where they reside, their assistance provides the structure and support necessary to reach weight management goals successfully.

Your Path to Lifelong Weight Maintenance

Dr. Jones offers a holistic weight management plan combining fasting with GLP-1 medications. His step-by-step fasting strategy, grounded in science and safety precautions, empowers individuals to take charge of their health. If you’re ready for transformational weight management with Dr. Jones as your trusted partner – Book your contact us today to secure your consultation!

To learn more, watch Dr. Jones’s video right below!

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