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Generally, Peptides are made up of amino acids. Amino acids are natural pieces of protein that appear around the body to help you function. They are used to play critical roles, from consuming food to growing and repairing broken tissues. However, some may experience a lack of amino acids, which causes a deficiency of protein. Now, with Peptide therapy, the treatment may alleviate various conditions, creating amino acids in your body. How would you apply this? Peptide therapy can be applied via topical creams, injections, pills, and others – whichever one you prefer and your doctor recommends as the best course of action!

Losing concentration in your work? Have trouble losing weight? It’s okay, you aren’t alone. At Colorado Medical, we offer services that help alleviate slow weight loss and discomfort. With Peptide therapy, we can treat your symptoms using non-invasive, natural supplements to decrease inflammation around the body, promote weight loss, and anti-aging, to name a few. With all these various benefits that Peptide therapy can bring you, you may be the perfect candidate for the procedure!

We offer Peptide therapy in Colorado Springs and in Denver. Colorado Springs 719-300-6200 | Denver 720-465-1200.

Weight Loss

Particularly for weight loss, Peptides are also a great alternative that can be of benefit to many of those who are struggling with weight loss. Some aspects of peptide therapy go toward taking glucose from the blood and transporting it into energy. For other aspects, the peptide will impact metabolism, leading to weight loss, and because some parts of Peptide are used to burn fat in the abdomen, you can expect to lose weight and build up muscle mass as well.

Peptide therapy is best paired with exercise programs to see a quicker difference in weight loss!

Healing & Rehabilitation

Peptide therapy is, as well, a great alternative to general healing of the body. After the injection of Peptide therapy, it will mimic and restore your peptides, which stimulates cellular growth and enhancement of bodily functions, like digestion or metabolism. Because there is an enhancement of amino acids in your body, you can expect to have better instances of concentration, better sleeping habits, lessened anxiety or depression, lower blood pressure, and more.

At Colorado Medical, you can expect that our team of licensed professionals will be there every step of the way for your Peptide therapy journey. If you have any questions or concerns, we would be happy to help you through a consultation – just book an appointment!

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