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Colorado Medical Solutions

Hormone Therapy | Peptide | Pain Sexual Wellness | Anti-aging | Semaglutide Weight Loss

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HRT, TRT, Peptide, Pain Therapy, Autoimmune, Sexual Wellness & ED, Neuropathy, Medical Weight Loss with Semaglutide/Tirzepatide, Diabetes, PENS.

Colorado Medical Solutions is an integrated wellness clinic which aims to thoroughly and effectively treat patients with the most cutting-edge healthcare services that aim to reduce prescriptions, prevent surgeries and restore optimal health and happiness. We have locations in Denver , Colorado Springs and now also in Phoenix, Arizona , Whitewater, California and New Jersey for your convenience. Our clinics offer a variety of services and stays up-to-date with the amazing advancements that have broken the mold from traditional medical treatments. As of 2023 clients in all US states are invited to contact CMS for a free consultation on Semaglutide weight loss and peptide therapy.

International clients, outside of the US including Canada – please visit our international FLOA program.


Colorado Springs

Tel: 720-465-1200


Tel: 720-465-1200

Phoenix, Arizona

Tel: 602-613-2966


Tel: 970-817-2242

New Jersey

Tel: 732-454-7093

What We Offer Our Clients

Preventative Care

Cutting Edge Therapies

Custom Treatments

Holistic Approach

Solutions That Work For You

Colorado Medical Solutions is a premier wellness clinic, dedicated to offering top-tier healthcare services at an advanced level. Our mission is clear: we want to reduce prescriptions, avoid surgeries, and restore optimal health and joy for everyone. You can benefit from our vast expertise and unparalleled customer service wherever you are located all across the US.

Colorado Medical Solutions remain on the cutting-edge of recent advancements that have transformed traditional medical treatments, offering an array of services designed to cater for various healthcare needs. Let us transform your life with us at Colorado Medical Solutions where our focus lies in treating pain and disease naturally.

At our center, our passion lies in discovering and treating the source of your health problems – or as close as possible – at their roots. In contrast to conventional healthcare models which primarily address symptoms, our approach differs significantly: liken our patients as “wilting plants”. Instead of painting over these symptoms with medications like green paint or any other solutions available to us; our goal is nurturing each one back to health through nurturing it from its root causes rather than simply changing its color!

Revolutionize Your Health With CMS

At the core of our mission lies our strong dedication to helping individuals meet their health goals and reach their fullest potential. We are deeply dedicated to improving quality of life in all possible ways – this commitment shows through in our comprehensive approach to various health concerns such as musculoskeletal pain management. Additionally, for those experiencing general or chronic discomfort we offer tailored strategies designed to reduce suffering while increasing life quality.

Sexual wellness is an area in which we specialize, understanding its sensitive nature. We offer discreet yet effective treatments that address both physical and emotional aspects of sexual wellness. Hormone deficiency is another area in which we specialize; offering advanced therapies to balance hormone levels can have profound impacts on an individual’s overall health and happiness.

Additionally, our Semaglutide weight loss program is tailored to those looking to make significant changes in their physical health and is supported by cutting-edge science and tailored specifically to individual needs for maximum results. Those suffering from peripheral neuropathy pain will find innovative treatments available that ease discomfort while increasing nerve function – always with our goal being supporting and empowering our patients as they journey toward achieving optimal health and wellness.

Start Your Health Journey With Us Today!

Contact Colorado Medical Solutions to gain more insight into our semaglutide weight loss program, FLOA protocol long lasting weight loss coaching, BHRT, peptide therapy and more – designed with your health in mind! Here at Colorado Medical Solutions, our mission is to revitalize and enrich lives through innovative and natural treatments.

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Colorado Medical

Free Consultations Available.

950 E Harvard Ave #110
Denver, CO 80210

New Patients: 720-465-1200
Current Patient: 720-550-6907
Fax: 720.358.5766

Colorado Springs
1465 Kelly Johnson Blvd STE 300
Colorado Springs, CO 80920

New Patients: 719-300-6200
Current Patient: 719-308-2314
Fax: 720.358.5766

Phoenix, Arizona
Two North Central Ave Suite 1800
85004 Phoenix, Arizona
Tel: (602) 613-2966

Whitewater, California
61105 Esparta Ave
92282 Whitewater, California
Tel: (970) 817- 2242

Our services are provided nationwide. Semaglutide weight loss available.


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