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We want you to feel your best on your own terms and will help you achieve your weight loss goals.

Weight loss can be a challenging thing to keep up with, especially because our bodies react differently to new lifestyles, habits, and slim-down methods. Rather than focusing on traditional medical weight loss programs, the concept of functional medicine adopts a more holistic approach to a healthier, better lifestyle. Instead of a regular diet change, our team at Colorado Medical provides patients with thorough exercise regimens and frequent consultations. 

We want to address the root problem of your weight and utilize functional medicine as part of our weight loss strategy. To help you understand its benefits, we’ll go over how functional medicine can help with healthy weight loss, how it helps a person’s individualized weight loss approach, and how functional medicine can assist with other health issues you’ve been experiencing. 

How Does Functional Medicine Help With Healthy Weight Loss?

Functional medicine is an innovative practice that uses a different approach and practice for weight loss and chronic illness prevention. It takes a different approach to obesity by finding the root causes of it through patient-practitioner engagement, which allows the medical professional to find the most effective treatment. Functional medicine analyzes the person as a whole and takes into account the hormonal, metabolic, and environmental factors that may contribute to weight gain.  

The first step in functional medicine to a healthy weight loss is the emphasis on a personalized diet. Our medical practitioners will study your unique history, lifestyle, environment, and other factors to help restore you to peak health. We also provide a broad-based approach as we’ll combine traditional medicine with multiple alternative treatments. Functional medicine taps into all types of alternative treatments to assist our patient’s weight loss, paying special attention to diet, exercise, vitality, nutrition, and mental health wellness. 

Another way functional medicine is effective in weight loss treatment is its focus on treating underlying causes. Medical professionals in this field are less concerned about making a diagnosis on the problem, but finding sustainable solutions for that problem. We recognize that the underlying dysfunctions and imbalances are often the main cause of weight gain. This is an aspect that’s often overlooked by traditional weight loss methods and diets. After treating the root cause of the issue, we’ll do our best to educate you on healthy lifestyle habits and long-lasting solutions for your weight loss. 

Functional medicine methods can provide a helpful, personalized weight loss program for our patients. 

How Does Functional Medicine Give An Individual A Personalized Weight Loss Approach?

Conventional weight loss treatments will often use a cookie-cutter solution to reduce caloric intake and increase physical activity. By partnering with a functional medicine professional, your perspective and approach to weight loss will change to a healthier outlook. The method addresses all aspects of your well-being to reduce those pounds and keep extra weight off. This is accomplished through a personalized weight loss approach that considers factors such as genetics, metabolism, hormonal imbalance, stress, and mental health. 

We want to strongly emphasize that functional medicine considers every patient different. There’s not one single solution we use to help you achieve significant weight loss. For a typical diet recommendation, specific medications or supplements may be used to suppress your appetite or improve fat burning. To contribute to your weight loss, you may need to switch to a clean diet overall and digest whole foods your body can digest. For example, they can be foods like vegetables, lean meats, or fruits. You can also eat naturally fermented foods to help your gut such as sauerkraut or kimchi. Avoid processed or packaged foods, as well as anything that your body may be sensitive or allergic to. 

Functional medical approaches help to create personalized protocols for a specific patients based on their preferences, budget, and needs. While this may take some more time and patience, the long-lasting weight loss results can be beneficial and can target other health issues as well. 

How Does Functional Medicine Address Other Underlying Health Issues?

Unlike conventional weight-loss treatment and medicine, functional medicine will help provide an overall better approach to a healthy lifestyle. The power and agency is given to the patient to help determine what works best for their weight loss program. It’ll take many factors into account such as stress reduction, exercise, nutrition, and supplements among others to target other underlying health issues you may be facing. 

Functional medicine is a relatively new, but growing field with promising results. Patients have found a method to prevent illnesses from getting more serious and have a more vibrant, sustainable health system. We believe this can help address other health problems they may encounter in the future. 

Contact Colorado Medical today to learn more about how Functional Medicine can help achieve your weight loss goals. Take charge of your own health and start losing weight now!  

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