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Men are living longer and more vibrant lifestyles, and intimacy is desired more at later stages of life than it was in previous generations. We hope to offer men from all walks of life a care approach that can help boost their sexual wellness and performance.

It is not uncommon for men to suffer from some level of erectile dysfunction (ED). Symptoms generally include lack of libido, difficulty getting aroused, and premature ejaculation. While there are a lot of “quick fixes” available, none of them get to the root of the problem–that is what we’re striving to change. The cause of ED is damage to the blood vessels serving the genital region.

The Erectile Shot And Platelet Rich Plasma

The method of using platelet-rich plasma injected into the region offers a long-lasting and natural solution to sexual performance in men. Platelets contain important proteins and growth elements that encourage tissue repair and regeneration. We offer a platelet-rich plasma shot for men suffering from ED, and this treatment comes from your own body; the process involves drawing a small amount of blood from your arm, after which we centrifuge the sample into its constituent components, including plasma. We return the platelets to the plasma and administer the serum. Tissue replacement therapy has the potential to turn into any type of cell, such as the specialized muscle cells of your blood vessels.

The injection of platelet-rich plasma into the genital area aims to improve blood flow and also repair circulation and tissue. A local anesthetic is applied before the treatment. There are few to zero risks of allergic reactions, side effects, or complications. You do not need to limit your activity, and the numbness fades in an hour.

As opposed to complex surgeries and harsh medications, this shot uses your body’s own plasma, so there is a very limited risk of an allergic reaction or adverse side effects. Our professional team can answer all your questions and concerns regarding your treatment, and provide you with accurate timelines for your success. Additionally, we can also advise you on how many treatments you will need to see positive results and work out an affordable financing plan.

Platelets are the body’s natural healers and builders, possessing growth factors that are important to certain functions such as promoting the formation of blood vessels and stimulating stem cell production.

The priapus shot makes use of these growth factors along with specialized proteins that are made by platelets in order to heal an injury, thus activating stem cells, boosting cell repair, and boosting regeneration in the body. These factors come together to help promote the growth of new blood vessels and collagen production to aid in the repair of tissue.

The injection is applied directly to the target area, with platelet cells that start revitalizing tissue right away, along with the surrounding muscles and nerves. This helps to bolster the health of penile tissue and offer a boost to the formation of new blood vessels to increase blood circulation.

Why Choose The P-Shot Over Other Medical Alternatives To Improve Erections?

We have a wealth of rigorous research and feedback from our patients backing us up; here are some of the benefits that have been reported of the P-Shot:

Longer erection: the penis is composed of a cellular network and soft tissue which are arranged in such a way that require constant external stimulation in order to function. The P-Shot restores the function and responsiveness of these cells, which results in longer-lasting erections and a boosted confidence in the bedroom. Men have also reported fewer instances of premature ejaculation, along with an overall increase in their stamina.

It is a pain-free and proven-effective treatment. The priapus shot eliminates risky and invasive procedures, and for that reason you will have a higher chance of success as unlike conventional surgical procedures to treat ED, this procedure carries no major risks to the patient. If you are still uncertain about this route, we are always more than happy to have a more thorough, in-depth discussion on what you may expect from the priapus shot.You will require virtually no time off to recover. The priapus shot allows you to return to your normal activities mere hours after the procedure, giving you an advantage of springing back into the game instantly – you don’t even have to take time off work. The P-Shot is administered by one of our medical practitioners, and the treatment time takes under an hour.

Start experiencing a healthy sexual performance today with the Priapus Shot!

While no man alive can stop the march of time, you can certainly enjoy the benefits of getting older. Erectile Dysfunction typically affects aging individuals; men of all different ages can experience the benefits of the priapus shot for enhanced sexual performance. If you have been struggling living with ED, we strongly recommend considering a consultation with our team about getting the P-Shot. We will be happy to field all of your questions and help you decide on the right treatment for your circumstances.

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