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Does Stem Cell Therapy Help With Arthritis?

does stem cell therapy help with arthritis | Denver Regenerative medicine

Does Stem Cell Therapy Help With Arthritis?

Gone are the days when, on falling sick, people would just rest in their home. At the present time, patients have different options for effective treatment of their ailments and medical conditions. And adopting the most suitable method, they get new wings to effectively recover.

When it comes to diseases – not the mild infections, but the serious ones, we tend to get worried. One such critical health condition is Arthritis. But, no longer, as due to advancements in the medical science, many treatment systems have been developed. However, despite providing relief from pain and being beneficial in the short run, these methods have their shortcomings.

In pursuit of finding the method that can overcome these shortcomings, researchers resorted to “Regenerative medicine”. And thus, “stem cell therapy” turned out to be the ultimate solution.

does stem cell therapy help with arthritis | Denver Regenerative medicine
does stem cell therapy help with arthritis | Denver Regenerative medicine

What is Arthritis?


It is a condition that affects a single or multiple joints in the body and it occurs when the cartilage tissue gets damaged or the fluid existing in this tissue decreases. It can affect fingers, knees, hips, spine or any other joint. A person will usual feel intense inflammation in the joints.

Though, aged people are more prone to this disease, it can also affect young people. Women are at more risk of developing arthritis than men.



  • Age
  • Gender
  • Previous joint injury
  • Family history
  • Specific steroids
  • Obesity
  • Lifestyle

Symptoms of Arthritis


  • Joint Pain
  • Stiffness
  • Swelling
  • Skin Redness
  • Fatigue


In some cases, symptoms are very evident, while in others, they may occur infrequently. On becoming severe, the disease can also affect the skin, eyes, heart, lungs, and kidneys. But, the worst part is that the joints can get permanently damaged and patients may even experience chronic pain, thus restricting them to live a comfortable life.

To diagnose this condition, necessary physical tests and X-rays are taken to identify the type of arthritis and also to know the severity of the disease.

does stem cell therapy help with arthritis | Denver Regenerative medicine
does stem cell therapy help with arthritis? | Regenerative medicine denver

Types of Arthritic Conditions


From several types of Arthritis, Osteoarthritis (OA) and the Rheumatoid Arthritis (RA) are the most common ones.


Osteoarthritis (OA)


This form of arthritis occurs when cartilage gets damaged leading to rubbing of bones against each other.


Rheumatoid Arthritis (RA)


An autoimmune disorder, Rheumatoid Arthritis occurs when the synovial membrane, i.e. lining of the joint capsule begins to be inflamed and swollen.


What is Stem Cell Therapy?


It is not a new process, but with modern technology and extensive researches, the therapy is used for curing many conditions in the most efficient way possible. Stem cell therapy is based on the principle that the body has innate healing and recovery ability, which is optimally utilized through stem cells.


Every day, old cells die and new cells are born in all organs of the body. But, when any organ gets infected or damaged due to injury, aging, or any other reason, replenishment of the cells does not take place in the same rate as earlier. And as a result, it becomes difficult for the person to carry out even simple routine activities.

The magical cells of our body, i.e. stem cells, have the ability to transform themselves into different kinds of cells as per the surrounding body environment. So, when one body part becomes less functional, stem cells are injected into the same. For example, if you have pain in the knees, stem cells are infused in the knee joints, which convert themselves into the knee cells.


Thus, the affected body parts regain their functionality, strength, mobility and flexibility. To perform this therapy, surgeons extract the stem cells from the bone marrow or other body elements of the patient and inject them into the affected body parts. In some cases, donated stem cells are used for better results and quicker recovery.

does stem cell therapy help with arthritis | Denver Regenerative medicine

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How does stem cell therapy help with Arthritis?


Invasive surgeries, heavy medications, and physiotherapy, all these are used to treat arthritis. But, instead of complicated surgeries and joint replacements, stem cell therapy has been increasingly used in medical centers throughout the world, including our city CO Springs.


From the different types of stem cells used in the treatment of arthritis, mesenchymal stem cells (MCSs) are the most common ones. These are usually retrieved from the bone marrow, blood or fat tissue. This procedure of collecting cells is known as harvesting, which is carried out in the following manner:


  • Bone marrow stem cells – Extracted from one of the bones in the body.
  • Blood stem cells, i.e. Peripheral stem cells – Extracted from the blood sample taken from the body.
  • Fat stem cells, i.e. Adipose stem cells – Extracted through surgery or liposuction.


The retrieved cells are then introduced into the arthritic joint through injection or some other way. While using the method of injections, imaging techniques are used for delivering the cells at the targeted spot. These cells then transform themselves into the cartilage cells and release cytokines which help in lowering the pace of cartilage degeneration.


And gradually, patients experience decrease in pain and inflammation, and the strength in the joints gets revived. Minimal side effects such as temporary pain and swelling can be observed in some cases. But, there is no chance of infection as the entire procedure is carried out meticulously.



Stem cells produce anti-inflammatory agents and mold themselves into cartilage cells, thus enabling the cartilage to return to the state of normalcy. This therapy works well, even if cartilage is badly worn out.


HOW DO STEM CELLS HELP WITH Rheumatoid Arthritis (RA):


Stem cells produce anti-inflammatory agents and also help to grow T regulatory cells, which are a type of immune cells, thus boosting the immunity system of the body, and therefore, prevent such immunological self-attack in the future.


Laboratory researches and clinical trials have shown that stem cell therapy has the highest efficacy in the treatment of arthritis. It has also been proved to be successful in cases of animals suffering from arthritis.


One of the hurdles coming in the way of living a healthy life, especially for people of the USA, is arthritis. And we strive to remove this hurdle with our stem cell therapy. Our experts have gained recognition in the field due to their knowledge and experience. We provide stem cell therapy in CO Springs with the latest techniques and equipment. And also guide you with the required lifestyle changes.

does stem cell therapy help with arthritis | Regenerative medicine colorado springs