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There are roughly 30 million men who suffer from differing degrees of ED in the US only. Erectile dysfunction is beginning to exist in epidemic numbers and can severely influence the spirit of life of men and their partners. Luckily, critique research has shown that cell therapy Colorado Springs for erectile dysfunction serve as a viable treatment alternative.

Causes of Erectile Dysfunction

The most common causes leading to erectile dysfunction relates to diabetes, post-surgical concerns following prostate surgery, heart disorder, and raised blood pressure.

While earlier, erectile dysfunction was thought to be essentially due to psychological conditions. But this is no longer the situation. Nowadays, the vast majority of events have been attributed to an underlying organic condition. The most common causes of erectile dysfunction are the consequences of diabetes. Other factors can be post-surgical concerns following prostate surgery and patients enduring heart problems and high blood pressure.

Erectile dysfunction afflicts approximately 30 percent of all men. It can be seen as an inability to gain an erection or keep an erection strong enough to have intercourse or accomplish an orgasm. Erection of the penis is a hemodynamic response in the tissue of the corpus cavernous, the erectile tissue composing the majority of the penis.

Erectile dysfunction may occur from the ineptitude to permeate the erectile tissue with blood or the failure to collect the required blood in volume in the erectile tissue.Cell therapies approach the deficits at all degrees of the erectile process.

Possible Treatment Alternatives for Erectile Dysfunction

Drugs are only partly efficient in treating some types of erectile dysfunction.

Many individuals enduring erectile dysfunction have had success employing phosphodiesterase type 5 medications like Viagra, Levitra, or Cialis. Sadly, these drugs are not that effective in tackling certain types of erectile dysfunction. Most precisely those with diabetes mellitus and surgical-inspired cavernous nerve damage. As these are prevalent in radical prostate surgery. 

Alternative treatment alternatives that can accurately address the underlying source of the condition are very desirable. Some of the best clinical approaches for treating erectile dysfunction are employing autologous adult cell treatment and hormone replacement therapy for men.

Many studies have confirmed the effectiveness of cells injected into the corpus cavernosum portion of the penis for countering erectile dysfunction. All studies reported a vigorous erectile function after the cell injections, and the majority also described enhanced muscle, endothelium, and nerves in the erectile tissue.

The cell therapy Colorado Springs approach the underlying conditions causing erectile dysfunction.

How Cells Work for Erectile Dysfunction 

Cell treatment of erectile dysfunction employs both the patient’s own cells and growth factors to accomplish a natural male intensification that helps revive erectile tissue and promote erections, sexual performance, and penis size. A blend of the patient’s own roots of these cells and growth factors is used to deliver maximum impact.

The largest pool of cells is present in adipose or fat tissue. Apart from fat-derived cells, other cells and growth factors are extracted from bone marrow concentrate. The treatment consists of two components:

  1. The harvest of fat-derived cells by adopting a high-tech liposuction device to citation the fat tissue.
  2. Bone marrow is derived from the iliac crest.

Once we obtain the two elements, they are processed in our lab through a specialized centrifuge process. The final step in the process is the virtually painless injection performed by a specialist. The injection is expertly placed with a microneedle to the particular locations all around the penis. The treatment does not need a general anesthetic; it only demands local anesthesia and light sedation.

What Outcomes to Expect from Cells for ED

Effects usually begin to be visible in 6-16 weeks. Your three-hour treatment is performed in an outpatient context with very little post-procedural pain or downtime. Results typically rise to be clear in 6-16 weeks. Then they proceed to develop for 6-12 months following the cell procedure. Regaining the ability to start and keep an erection strong enough for the sexual function is an immense boost both physically and psychologically for men enduring erectile dysfunction.

Individual patient effects may differ. Please contact us at Colorado Medical Solutions to determine if cell therapy may be able to help you.


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