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Body Sculpting Colorado Springs

body sculpting Colorado Springs

Colorado Springs Body Sculpting & Non-surgical Liposuction

What Is Ultrasonic Cavitation?

Ultrasonic Cavitation is a process that works by breaking down the stubborn tissues in the fat by destroying the outer membrane of the fat cell which then causes the fat cell to be released, transported, and eliminated through natural body processes. This process also helps in cellulite reduction and, for obvious reasons, causes slimming. Typical results include a decreased/eliminate fat volume, body shaping and contouring, skin tightening and toning, and cellulite reduction and/or elimination.

Destroy Fat Permanently, Lift Skin, & Tighten And Reduce Cellulite

We provide services that can cause dramatic reductions to all areas of the body in under an hour. Our technology can cause the fat cells to burst- causing a loss in inches while simultaneously tightening and firming the skin and eliminating cellulite in order to leave you with an end-result of a toned and sculpted physique. Whether you want to work on the love handles, double chin, thighs, or just be slimmer in general, cavitation can help!

ultrasonic cavitiation in Colorado Springs

Body Sculpting & Ultrasonic Cavitiation In Colorado Springs

Slimming With Ultrasound Cavitation And Radio- Frequency

One of the most widely recognized technologies for cellulite reduction and fat loss today is ultrasound cavitation. Low-frequency cavitation is applied in conjunction with additional protocols to deliver the strongest and best cavitation treatment to date. While this is not a miracle treatment, anyone suffering from cellulite or seeking a non-surgical option for local fat deposit reduction can benefit tremendously from this treatment. Our high-power cavitation treatments can be combined with our high-power radio-frequency technology to enhance results to their maximum levels. These unique treatments ensure that our clients receive the most powerful and comprehensive slimming and cellulite-reducing treatments available.

ultrasonic cavitiation in Colorado Springs
benefits of body sculpting

Benefits Of Of Body Sculpting And Cavitation

Fat Cells Destroyed

Unlike Exercise, your fat cells are destroyed and removed from your body

Non-invasive Procedure

Unlike surgical operations like liposuction, Body Sculpting can be done during your lunch break.

FDA Approved Fat Freezing Technology

Our Trivectar Body Sculpting system is equipped with FDA Approved Fat Freezing Technology

Helps Reduce Food Cravings

Reduce food cravings that can derail your weight loss efforts

Natural Looking Results

Our Body Contouring treatment by Trivectar yields realistic-looking results.

Downtime & Side Effects

Trivectar’s Body Sculpting system yields impressive results with zero downtime, little redness, no swelling, and absolutely NO bruising.

ultrasonic fat cavitiation

Is Body Sculpting & Cavitiation Safe?

Ultrasonic Fat Cavitation is not only safe, but also comfortable! This non-invasive procedure has virtually zero side-effects! It leaves no scars, does not require any amount of anesthesia, and does not require any post treatment. The ultrasound modality is designed to ONLY target fatty tissues beneath the skin and does not affect the connective tissues, nerves, or blood vessels.

ultrasonic fat cavitiation

Start Healing

We Promised To Take Care... And Delivered

Staff has been nothing but helpful in my months going here. Both Cianna and Ally have been very friendly and welcoming, and the atmosphere is very comforting. Love it here and will definitely continue coming!

- macie dilcher

Everyone was really great! Ally explained everything thoroughly and kept me well informed through the entire process and she was so so nice!

- Stephanie Castro

Hormones are doing great, hot flashes taken care of, and so many more benefits. Friendly and helpful staff too!

- Georgia Wunsch

Colorado Medical Solutions has made a huge difference in my life. The hormone therapy has done wonders for me. I’m 52 and since going to them I feel like I’m in my early 40’s! Jonathan, Chris,Robin & Pam all take special care of you! An amazing team of people that truly care about your well being!

- Jen Pauls

I have been going to Colorado Medical Solutions for almost a year for my weight loss issues. They are the first place to take my hormone issue seriously and have got my body working again! I have lost 30 pounds and am still going. If you ever feel like you are u sure, just ask what you need to and they will be happy to help!

- R . F

Personalized Treatments For The Individual Characteristics of Each Patient

Colorado Medical Solutions specialize in Hormone Replacement Therapy, and Advanced Biostructural Correction (ABC), an alternative to Chiropractic care. We are committed to providing an extra layer of support throughout the treatment, ensuring that you get the care you deserve. Schedule a free consultation with a doctor to be evaluated and discuss the best treatment option.

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